Wednesday, 20 March 2013

London and FMP - Final Major Project

new blog for FMP!!!

went to london on the 12th, 13th and 14th of February.
it was the second time i had ever been to london and the first time i found it amazing saw all the main sights and loved it but this time it was a different story. i was firstly ill, came home and went doctors to find i had the flu! secondly the hotel wasn't book so spent the first day waiting for our rooms. i didn't go out much but i went to a bookshop and found some books about esoteric interests of mine and managed to get to the British Museum and take photos.
these are some of my favorite.

the historic crystal skull , people dont really know how old, how it was made and were it was made.

this was in the African room, it reminded me of my tree. i really love the africn culture!
Islamic Art

Oriental Art

i came upon a room filled with clocks and fob watches which was amazing, there were skeleton clocks were you could see all the cogs, bolts and wheels turning and working together. it was amazing and so inspiring i came upon an idea for my FMP!


despite being ill and coming to the conclusion of officially hating London and realizing i never want to back, oh and i hate trains the underground is to blame for that and i hate people! people in london are awful, no one smiles? any way ...

the skeleton fob watches have inspired me to look at and study alchemy, therefore my project will be based on esoteric aspects of alchemy and alchemist also known as wizard and look into witches, fairy tales, dreams, dream catchers, Native Americans, star cards, tarot cards and other wonderful aspects of an esoteric life.

so this blog is officially finished an im going to record my work on the new one!

im going to make a new blog for my FMP so check that out!!

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