Wednesday, 20 March 2013

London and FMP - Final Major Project

new blog for FMP!!!

went to london on the 12th, 13th and 14th of February.
it was the second time i had ever been to london and the first time i found it amazing saw all the main sights and loved it but this time it was a different story. i was firstly ill, came home and went doctors to find i had the flu! secondly the hotel wasn't book so spent the first day waiting for our rooms. i didn't go out much but i went to a bookshop and found some books about esoteric interests of mine and managed to get to the British Museum and take photos.
these are some of my favorite.

the historic crystal skull , people dont really know how old, how it was made and were it was made.

this was in the African room, it reminded me of my tree. i really love the africn culture!
Islamic Art

Oriental Art

i came upon a room filled with clocks and fob watches which was amazing, there were skeleton clocks were you could see all the cogs, bolts and wheels turning and working together. it was amazing and so inspiring i came upon an idea for my FMP!


despite being ill and coming to the conclusion of officially hating London and realizing i never want to back, oh and i hate trains the underground is to blame for that and i hate people! people in london are awful, no one smiles? any way ...

the skeleton fob watches have inspired me to look at and study alchemy, therefore my project will be based on esoteric aspects of alchemy and alchemist also known as wizard and look into witches, fairy tales, dreams, dream catchers, Native Americans, star cards, tarot cards and other wonderful aspects of an esoteric life.

so this blog is officially finished an im going to record my work on the new one!

im going to make a new blog for my FMP so check that out!!


i had an interview date for Leeds for the 20th of February at 2:00pm, it was a group interview!
i had to get a portfolio sorted because Leeds told me to download a document which had guidelines of what i had to bring.

so i took pictures of all of my work with Genna and i mounted all my work, i took my sketchbooks and my mounted pieces in my large folder had giant photographs printed from Jamie and i took my iPad to show my blog.i was all set and ready to go!

first thing they saw
i took my drawings from my As urbaanism project because i wanted to show my drawing ability as well as interest in old buildings.
some unfinished practice sketches i thought worked well when mounted again from as year.
these are 3 of the 5 A1 photographs Jamie had chosen and printed fro me, i think they work really well and look quite impressive.
i printed more pictures of my tree off to show more of what the tree looked like and my photography skills these are my favorite.
i had finally finishes my big symbol pieces and they turned out to be quite beautiful despite taking longer than expected but the hard work payed off.
close up!! to emphasize the detail and hard work that went into these big pieces, really tested my patience.

i took photos of my 3D pieces, such as my ankh, hand and plaster creations.
lino and dry point prints i did last minute.
screen and lino prints mounted.
more screen prints showing my use of different materials,
drawing with light photos, the list stated i needed free hand drawings but they didn't specify the materials i had to draw with.
in conclusion to building my portfolio, i couldn't have been more pleased in the way it turned out. it was better than i had imagined it could be, my hard work and stressing paid off and i was totally ready and prepared for my interview and i new my work would speak for me.

went to Leeds on the day i dressed smart not knowing what to wear for an arty interview. do you look like an artist or do you look like a smart professional person, i went smart it never fails. on arriving at my building i noticed other people weren't as smart but i looked good so it was fine!
we got gathered in the lobby in the humanities building and were taken up to the 5th floor of a 7 floor in the 7 floor building. we had a mini lecture about the course and what it consists of which was interesting, scary and quite intimidating because the work was amazing!
we then got split into groups of five i was in a group with a stone faced interviewer she was nice but firm. she asked who wanted to go first and show there work and i volunteered to go first, which i hoped looked good.

i went through all my work, i had brought quite a bit, i explained my symbolism project and my ideas. she was quite impressed as well as the other applicants. i went to show my blog on the iPad and the internet connection wouldn't work which was frustrating!!!! but it showed dedication the fact i bought it. i was pleased with my responses to thew questions and the way i came across i know i tried my best. then we had a mini tour by a present student and he explained how people work  and the are they work in so that was helpful them we got our things together and left. the women explained how we will hear from her in a couple of days on UCAS and if we didn't we should ring up

to my delight the next day i went on UCAS track and realised i have a conditional offer !!!!! i got it in i did it`!!!!! wooop!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Pathway Week 16 19/03/2013 09:51am

my digital portfolio needed too be sent of Wednesday so i freaked out tuesday
as well as the stress of this i was told my work was selected amongst others to be monitored for the drawing qualification that i was doing, so had to get all my work together and mount!

on tuesday i took pictures of all my work, and started organizing were i was going to put them on the slide. because my portfolio had to be a power point or PDF, Birmingham sent me a brief of what they wanted me to include such as pictures and questions i needed to answer. Jamie said he would help me with my written stuff but i had to put all my ideas down on paper.

after getting my initial ideas down Jamie came and fixed it. in the sense he helped me cut it down and get tot he point and concentrate my best responses to answer the questions professionally.

Wednesday went in and completed the PowerPoint, finally putting all the pieces together, on making it presentable and i sent it off. an hour later i got a email saying they have received it and i should wait for a verdict.

sat in on joes perspective class and had a mini tutorial with her and asked for help for Leeds interview needs for portfolio teachers helped had brake with them and a good chat inspired me to make a perspective design sheet.
sorted my stuff out for over weekend work and drawing with life stuff got sorting that, paid for london! planned design sheets for portfolio.

Friday got an email that i got in to Birmingham architecture with a conditional!!!!